Top 10 Wii Games for Kids

Wii Games Are Fun For the Kids and Their Families!

Wii games for kids are popular and abundant. But, busy moms and dads don't have time to check out every game that is mentioned by the kids.

This list of top 10 Wii games for kids was compiled for the purpose of helping those busy parents and grandparents.

The list is mainly ESRB rated E for everyone. There are two games for older kids that are included because they are such great games. And younger kids can play if they are playing along with someone older.

The The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is included as one of those because Zelda itself is such a classic. Who has not played a Zelda game? Without a doubt, Twilight Princess will also become one of those classics.

Select one of the games today and have fun playing along with your kids. Turn it into a regular family night activity!

Donkey Kong Country Returns - Wii Nintendo Platform

Donkey Kong Country Returns
Donkey Kong Country Returns

Under the influence of a group of evil Tikis, the animals of Donkey Kong Island have raided Donkey Kong's banana hoard and stolen his stash of bananas - and being an ape of large appetites he understandably wants them back.

Co-op play is available, so this is a great game for families with younger children. All you favorite characters are back, along with new moves using the Wii remote.



Cars - Nintendo Wii
Cars - Nintendo Wii

Play as all your favurite characters from the movie, as you help Lightning McQueen capture the coveted Piston Cup Championship.

More than 10 playable characters from the film.


Disney Epic Mickey for the Wii - Just released 2010

Disney Epic Mickey - Nintendo Wii
Disney Epic Mickey - Nintendo Wii

As Mickey, you are propelled into Wasteland, an alternate world made up of Disney's forgotten creative efforts, and are given the power to wield paint and paint thinner to dynamically change the world while determining Mickey's path to becoming an epic hero.

This game does not have co-op play, and it is for older kids and families. Younger kids may not be able to search the lands to solve the quests.


Mario and friends are back with their racing machines in Mario Kart Wii! New tracks, enhanced Wii graphics along with the Wii Wheel that is included! The Wii Wheel transforms your Wii Remote controller into a steering wheel, making this game fun for young and old alike!

Up to 4 people can play at the same time. Another great choice for families with kids of all ages.

Get your own copy of Mario Kart Wii Wheel now! Just click here!

Wii Inflatable Racing Kart - Kids have more fun when playing Mario Kart!

Wii Inflatable Racing Kart
Wii Inflatable Racing Kart

The Wii Inflatable Racing Kart has a comfortable seat for children and is compatible with the Wii Motion Plus. The steering wheel houses the Wii remote.


Kirby's Epic Yarn - Just released October 2010

Great game for families because it does have a co-op game play. That allows two players to play side-by-side.

Kirby's Epic Yarn
Kirby's Epic Yarn

* Gems and collectible items are scattered throughout the environments for players to find

* Kirby's first home console platform game since the Nintendo 64

* Pulling on stray threads might reveal hidden areas, invisible to the player otherwise

* Thanks to his versatile yarn composition, Kirby can take on a variety of forms both in his common actions and when he transforms into powerful vehicles

* A co-op gameplay option allows two players can play through the entire game together


Animal Crossing is a great game for "kids" of all ages. You always something to do in the virtual village. And it is a gentle, leisurely style of play. Your village is populated with life-like animals. Players can garden, chat with neighbors, collect items they need to furnish their homes, or fish in a moonlit pond.

It is a relaxing game that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

The game supports up to four players, so it is great for families.

Recommended because it is a gentle, slow-paced game perfect for all ages, especially little ones.

Get your own copy of Animal Crossing now! Just click here!

Wii Games Are Not Just For Kids

Remember, Wii games are a great activity for family night!

Five More Wii Games to Choose - Nintendo Wii Games for the Family

Five more Wii games for kids that did not make the top 10, but they certainly deserve to have a spot on this lens.

All five games are ESRB Rating E for Everyone

Have fun!

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga enables families to play through the events of all six Star Wars movies in one videogame for the first time ever.

New levels, new characters, and new features keep the Lego Star Wars game exciting and fresh!

ESRB Rated E10 for age 10 and up.

"My son started playing this game when he was 5 and he loved it. The absolute best part of the game is that a second player can drop in and out at any time. So if he gets stuck, I can join in for a few minutes and help him...The violence in the game is all muted/cartoon violence. When guys die they break apart into little Lego pieces. When things blow up, they break into Lego chunks."

Get your own copy of Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga now! Just click here!

LEGO Batman

Lego Batman - Nintendo Wii
Lego Batman - Nintendo Wii

Battle against legendary villains including The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman and more to keep the streets of Gotham clean.


Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - Nintendo Wii
Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures - Nintendo Wii

LEGO Indiana Jones follows Dr. Jones escapades through the jungles of South America to the mountaintops of India. Fans can build, battle and brawl their way through their favorite cinematic moments, from Indy’s entanglements with snakes to his dashing boulder run.


Active Outdoor Challenge will get you off the couch! Over a dozen games that include river rafting, mine-cart adventure, jumping, see-saws, and much more.

Includes the Active Life Mat, so you are ready to go.

Young kids can play along with their families.

ESRB Rated E for everyone.

"My 2 1/2 year old niece loves Jump Rope and some of the other jumping games. It's a great way to get everyone off the couch and having fun."

"I got the wii mostly for myself, but of course my 5 year old and 2 year old were all over it... Even my 2 year old can play enough to feel like he is participating with the family. So the age range is huge and this really is fun for the whole family and makes for great family quality time."

Get your own copy of Active Outdoor Challenge now! Just click here!

Endless Ocean: Blue World

Endless Ocean: Blue World - Nintendo Wii
Endless Ocean: Blue World - Nintendo Wii

Journey into the blue once again with this Wii game where players get to explore the ocean and interact with its sealife.


In Super Mario Galaxy, join Mario in his next adventure that takes him into space. Bowser has abducted Peach's entire castle and Mario finds himself on a mysterious moon high above the Mushroom Kingdom! Collect enough stars and you can save Princess Peach. Travel from planet to planet, run through alien worlds, surf a ray in an ocean of clouds. Another fun Mario game.

Two people can play this game at the same time, but the second player is actually only helping the first player by collecting stars and other helpful tasks.

The game is not rated yet, but seems to be for the age of 8 and on up.

"My 8 year old son can't get enough of this game - he wants to play it every night, and talks about it during the day. He and his dad have bonded over strategy and discussion of galaxies. My toddler daughter is often captivated by the graphics..."

Get your own copy of Super Mario Galaxy now! Just click here!

In Littlest Pet Shop, your child gets to collect and name 32 pets. Over 100 accessories are included so you can dress your pets in fun things like scarves and glasses. Then, watch your child compete in mini games with their pets. I am sure Mom and Dad will right there, too!

"My daughter got this game for her 6th birthday and she loves it... She loves to play dress up, so being able to dress her pets, buy them pretty things, and name them is pure joy for her. She needs some help with reading...but otherwise she does just fine playing this game."

ESRB Rated E for Everyone

Get your own copy of Littlest Pet Shop now! Just click here!

In Go, Diego, Go! Great Dinosaur Rescue, your child gets to join Diego on a prehistoric adventure! Diego, Alicia, and Baby Jaguar travel back to the age of the dinosaurs so they can help Maia find her way back to her family on Egg Island.

Your kids will have tons of fun as they explore the five different game levels on foot, by water, and Diego's skateboard.

"I don't usually write reviews, but my 3 year old has so much fun with this game, I had to let other parents know. After about an hour of playing, my son was able to master this game by himself. He is so proud he has a game he can do without help..."

Get your own copy of Go, Diego, Go! Great Dinosaur Rescue now! Just click here!

In Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess, your child must help Dora save the Magic Snowy Forest. The mean witch has cast a spell, and Dora must find the magic crystal to save the forest.

Along the way, players have the chance to build snowmen, steer a dogsled, paddle a canoe and much more.

"I finally found a game that my 3 year old daughter can play on her own. The game is very easy to play and keeps her entertained. "

ESRB Rated E for Everyone but is aimed at children age 2 to 5

Get your own copy of Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess now! Just click here!

Mix one little pirate with big dreams, and you have Zach the pirate who wants to be the greatest pirate! To help Zach reach his goal, you are going to have to help him outwit and outduel all kinds of obstacles. Explore jungles, castles, ice temples, and floating airships. Along the way, you have to solve puzzles, open objects, and find new paths.

This is a game the entire family will enjoy!

"I purchased this game because I thought it looked interesting and different. It turned out to be an OUTSTANDING hit with my entire family! We found ourselves playing together for a few hours per night until the entire game was solved..."

ESRB Rated E for Everyone

Get your own copy of Zack & Wiki Quest for Barbaros' Treasure now! Just click here!

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

This rethinking of the popular Nintendo DS game will test players brains with fun problems and allow people of any age to play together.


Zelda is a classic. And in this Wii, The Legend of Zelda has been updated so fans can enjoy playing it again.

In this version, Link is a teenager and must save his world from the ravages of dangerous magic.

Zelda is the only T rated lens included on this lens. Little kids can't play the game alone, but they certainly can have a good time with the simpler puzzles in the beginning of the game.

"I think they struck a great balance between "tame enough for younger kids" and "in depth enough for older players". There are a lot of teen and adult Zelda fans out there, and they'll be quite pleased with what the game offers..."

ESRB Rated T for Teens

As one reviewer stated, "Link is less cartooney in this game. That's not to say it's a mature title - it's still a game without blood. You kill evil enemies who vanish in a puff of smoke. You go on a variety of quests, and it's very much good-against-evil...."

Get your own copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess now! Just click here!

Need a Wii?

One of the best gaming platforms for families. You have a wide selection of games to choose, different gaming levels, and plenty of fun.

Read this review from someone who has been using the Wii for over two years now.

"I ...think the Wii has become a 'Family Console'. It's not just kids who will enjoy this. Seniors can have fun bowling without knowing anything "Tricky" about how to use a video game unit. It's very intuitive. Moms can easily play with their kids, each with their own Wii profile. Adults having parties can have fun passing the controllers around. Family groups can share slideshows on the big screen while hanging out..."


Nintendo's Wii brings back the fun in video game systems. Great for families with kids of any age!

The Wii remote almost seems magical. For a tennis game, it becomes a racket. In driving games, it becomes a steering wheel. Being so easy to handle is what makes this video game system great for all ages.


Red Wii Hardware Bundle - Includes Two Games!

Includes Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. Wii game pack!

Wii Hardware Bundle - Red
Wii Hardware Bundle - Red

The bundle includes Red Wii Console, Red Wii Remote Plus, and Red Nunchuk, plus the two Wii games Super Mario Bros. and the Wii Sports.


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What type of games do you play? Do you have a designated family night?

Would love to hear your comments!

 Last updated on September 17, 2011

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If you have a Wii Gaming Console... 86 comments

AlisonMeacham profile image

AlisonMeacham 5 years ago

I really like our Wii Console as their are so many family games to choose from. You have a great selection here.

RhondaAlbom profile image

RhondaAlbom 5 years ago from New Zealand Level 2 Commenter

Lens makes me want to get a Wii. I am adding it to the list of rm on my top 10 family_games

SandyMertens profile image

SandyMertens 5 years ago from Frozen Tundra Level 5 Commenter

We have played Zelda on PlayStation, but don't have to others. Great list.

hlkljgk profile image

hlkljgk 5 years ago from Western Mass

great suggestions - thanks

momto4 lm profile image

momto4 lm 5 years ago

Great lens! We just got a Wii and have been trying to figure out what games to buy for our kids. This was very helpful!

WindyWintersHubs profile image

WindyWintersHubs 5 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

Wow! Fun Lens. Great Wii Games for Kids. We have a Wii; so do our adult children. I've played a couple games but I miss the Nintendo that my son now has in his apt. Hubby enjoys Wii Sports!

Christie327 5 years ago

We love our Wii but our baby is too young for it :) I really like Wii Fit and Wii Active, they are so much fun.

lakern26 lm profile image

lakern26 lm 5 years ago

We have a few of these games and my boys have been asking for some of the others. It's fun to be able to play an "active" video game with your kids. This is the first I've heard of the Active Life Outdoor Challenge. That one sounds especially interesting! Great lens!

CoolFoto profile image

CoolFoto 5 years ago

What a great addition to my 10 Unique Gifts since one gift is the wii. 5* and lensroll.

Holley Web profile image

Holley Web 5 years ago

Oh I love this! I am still a Mario junkie from way back - let's not say just how far back :) Great games and I may have to check some of these out for myself. ~ Squid Angel Blessings ~

JennySui 5 years ago

I love Wii games. It is a very beautiful lens for kids who like wii games.

Anok 5 years ago

I play the boxing games!!

eclecticeducati1 profile image

eclecticeducati1 5 years ago

We just got a Wii this Christmas and we are loving it!!! Great lens!

TonyPayne profile image

TonyPayne 5 years ago from Southampton, UK Level 3 Commenter

Very nice lens, 5*****. We are looking forward to getting Super Mario Kart, the reviews are great, and the Super Nintendo version was great fun to play.

squid-janices7 profile image

squid-janices7 4 years ago

I guess my husband and I are just big kids cuz we have Super Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy and LOVE both of them. Great lens!

reasonablerobby profile image

reasonablerobby 4 years ago from UK Level 2 Commenter

My partners friend brings her kids to ours for short stays. Thanks to young Alexander I'm now a Mario Galaxy 1 expert. We just completed it, although we didn't find Luigi again, and I'm trying to catch three snow rabbits from the Secret Garden hungry luma transformation galaxy without luck :)

mbgphoto profile image

mbgphoto 4 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA Level 3 Commenter

Wow ...I didn't realize there were so many games for Wii. We got one for Christmas and have just used the sports package. I enjoy the bowling and tennis. Blessed.

capriliz lm profile image

capriliz lm 4 years ago Hub Author

@mbgphoto: It is amazing how the Wii market exploded! Thank you for the blessing.

capriliz lm profile image

capriliz lm 4 years ago Hub Author

@mbgphoto: It is amazing how the Wii market exploded! Thank you for the blessing.

Kiwisoutback profile image

Kiwisoutback 4 years ago from Massachusetts

New Super Mario Bros Wii is my all time favorite Wii game. I just bought Mario Galaxy 2, which is a lot different, but fun.

lemonsqueezy lm profile image

lemonsqueezy lm 4 years ago

My son would LOVE to be able to play the Wii with us. I think that Go, Diego Go might be our best option. Thanks so much.

AlisonMeacham profile image

AlisonMeacham 4 years ago

I do have a Wii and it is one of the best thing sI have ever bought. Personally I like the Wii Fit

kateloving profile image

kateloving 4 years ago from Lancaster PA Level 1 Commenter

I participated in a Wii game when we went to my Aunt's 100th birthday. My Aunt did not play, however!!

svarun 4 years ago

Great lens. I must buy wii sometimes.

ljjones profile image

ljjones 4 years ago

Mario cart is one of the best. So are all of the Lego games. Great for kids whoaren't very skilled yet to learn a little coordination and have some fun.

Tahamtan 4 years ago

Great top 10 list.

AldricChang1 profile image

AldricChang1 4 years ago

Hello, thanks so much for dropping by my Virtual World for Kids at :) I enjoyed reading this lens of yours too.

Any Mario game is certainly a winner with me!

clouda9 lm profile image

clouda9 lm 4 years ago

What fun Wii Games! I think the Active Outdoor Challenge is a wonderful way to get the kids up and moving, all while playing a video game. Cool!

Tempus 4 years ago

In this video game age of blood, guts and gore, the Wii is like a breath of fresh air. Easy to play with, fun to use and the games are seldom bloodthirsty. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are a joy to watch and play. Lovely Lens, Thanks

GabrielaFargasch 4 years ago

I love the Wii! My favorite game is Mario Kart. I love racing online!

flinsura 4 years ago

Thanks for this lens, I love playing with Kids.

ZablonMukuba profile image

ZablonMukuba 4 years ago

i love mario cart

ZablonMukuba profile image

ZablonMukuba 4 years ago

i love mario cart

anonymous 4 years ago

I personally love Mario Cart too, I am frequently going backwards but, I am pretty good at going that direction too! Great lens

anonymous 4 years ago

Great lens. Thumbs up and FB like. My kids played Mario Kart for endless hours. Simple fun that everyone could play at any age. Even the Grandparents played.

missbat profile image

missbat 4 years ago

It's amazing how they're really targeting kids with games these days. Which is great, since now there's alternatives to all the violent "mature" games. Give me the original Super Mario Bros any day.

jdwheeler profile image

jdwheeler 4 years ago

I have really been into the game shows games lately. I've always wanted to be on a real show and these are pretty close!

BodiEko 4 years ago

I always loved playing games in my free time

TonyPayne profile image

TonyPayne 4 years ago from Southampton, UK Level 3 Commenter

We love our Wii. I just created a lens about the Wii Cheerleader games, as I have been researching these for my daughters. There are lots of great games for kids on the Wii.

CustomSquids profile image

CustomSquids 4 years ago

We just got Family Game Night 3 and have fun playing it as a family. It is wild to play board games as video games. Makes me feel old!!! :(

nucmed lm profile image

nucmed lm 4 years ago

these games are great for adults as well :)

MikeEssex profile image

MikeEssex 4 years ago

A good up to date list. Although I hear Donkly Kong is a bit hard, it does have the super guide to help kids through tough levels so that helps.

anonymous 4 years ago

I never play these games but you provided me some info about it..

hunksparrow profile image

hunksparrow 4 years ago

I love the New Super Mario Bros. and Lego Star Wars. I really want to play the Zelda game.

Webazony LM profile image

Webazony LM 4 years ago

i'm going to agree with nucmed: these games are great for the whole family, not only the kids. i've written a similar lens - about wii games for teenagers, and I must confess, all of them are also on my shopping list :)).

great lens, by the way. licked it.

wish you a very merry christmas.

deldobuss profile image

deldobuss 4 years ago

My girls didn't like Animal Crossing at all. Hmm. . . The games they play the most are Boom Blox, Super Mario Bros, Lego Star Wars, and Mario Kart. We also just got Ghostbusters and they like that you can play 2 player while catching slimer!

Senora M profile image

Senora M 4 years ago

Cool lens. We don't have a Wii. Maybe we'll get with it someday and buy one! :)

AslanBooks profile image

AslanBooks 4 years ago

I really do like the Wii. you really can get a workout.

tanvii 4 years ago

I saw your profile & lens. Really very impressive. I love to be your fan..

PlofAtayuga 4 years ago

I'm much into video games but this is definitely a great reminder of what kids around me my enjoy for their Christmas :) Warm and sincere thanks!

MusicalKay28 4 years ago

I like playing the lego games, star wars is my favorite though!

DallasNicole LM profile image

DallasNicole LM 4 years ago

After Christmas when my son gets more Wii games I am sure we will have to have a designated family game night! He loves cars and begged me for Donkey Kong Country..We will have to see how this goes!

Annamadagan profile image

Annamadagan 4 years ago

Cool lens! My brother made one about top 10 wii games too! (maytheforcebewithyou13) I like your lens. I like lego games.

ksrpraj profile image

ksrpraj 4 years ago

When i first visited this lens, i thought it is only for kids. But this lens also features some top games which i still play in my laptop

nicoleacosta1 profile image

nicoleacosta1 4 years ago

I have 6 kids ranging from 5 years to 19 years old. We own 3 Wii Consoles: the white, black, and red. I think that the Wii is the best console out there, period. It is so much fun getting together with them to play these awesome games! Our house favorites are: Mario Party 8, Guitar Hero, Donkey Kong, and Just Dance...just to name a few!

charle lm profile image

charle lm 4 years ago

Thanks for this wii games , I also wrote a lens about strategy games and woukd kike you to read it , thanks

ronandcarol 4 years ago

Thanks for the wonderful lens that promotes great 'children' games. I didn't see any that would indicate anything 'x' rated.

Thank You



BuckHawkcenter profile image

BuckHawkcenter 4 years ago Level 2 Commenter

Of course, a stellar lens, as always! And well deserving of making the Monsterboard for Top 20 Video Game Lenses!

Pnorway profile image

Pnorway 4 years ago

cool lens. My kids would have loved these too...

reflectionhaiku profile image

reflectionhaiku 4 years ago

Nice selections - the kids like the star wars and pet shops. Thumbs up!

anonymous 4 years ago

Delightfully done for hours and hours of wonderful fun! This is a lot of research that you have done here!

anonymous 4 years ago

We sure didn't have cool games like this as kids!

JeffreyTymczak LM profile image

JeffreyTymczak LM 4 years ago

Looking forward to your next lens, I will definitely be rating this UP!!! ;)


anonymous 4 years ago

I do not have wii gaming console yet, but I am planning to get one. I think you have great recommendations for all of the family members can play. I think you did a great job.

hayleylou lm profile image

hayleylou lm 4 years ago

My kids love their Wii, some great games here. Blessed :)

hayleylou lm profile image

hayleylou lm 4 years ago

This lens will be featured in the upcoming lens, My Time as a Squid Angel :)

dessertlover profile image

dessertlover 4 years ago

You sure said it right! Wii games are fabulous for family time. We've recently started up "Just Dance 2" after the kids got it from Santa for Christmas. They love it (and it's a great workout) Great mentions and great lens :)

webmaster51 4 years ago

Nice work!

Zelda is fun whether your a kid or not ;)

sudokunut profile image

sudokunut 4 years ago from Reno, Nevada

Zelda is my main reason for wanting a Wii...well, that and Metroid, both desirable in a blast from the past kind of way. I've been trying to convince my wife she'd love the dance and fitness games so she'll say yes...not succeeded yet though lol

JennyShares 4 years ago

I like the blow-up racing cart!

Grandma-Marilyn profile image

Grandma-Marilyn 3 years ago

There is one that belongs to the Grandkids that live here. I have Mario Bros 3 on there that I play sometimes. None of the new ones because I am not good at it. My daughter used to have a designated family night and will probably start it up again.

MamaBelle profile image

MamaBelle 3 years ago from United Kingdom

Great lens! Zelda is amazing.

ILoveLegosToo profile image

ILoveLegosToo 3 years ago from Naperville, IL

Great games. Loved playing Cars and MarioKart. And I love the entire Lego series.

crazycuriosity profile image

crazycuriosity 3 years ago

Yes, Wii Resort. I like playing table tennis. I have a Wii fit Plus and have Lens I rolled yours to mine.

GrowWear 3 years ago

Not much into games myself, although I have been interested of late in the exercise aspect of the Wii. ...My grandson is currently into the Madden football ones.

priscillab profile image

priscillab 3 years ago

I love Wii Fit Plus and also Carnival Games. Great lens! Wii is the best family gift I every bought.

pacrapacma lm profile image

pacrapacma lm 3 years ago

I like mario kart and wii fit. I play them with my kids. Mario Galaxy is too much for this mom.

WateredGardenCreations 3 years ago

I like Wii Fit Plus & Wii Resort, my son loves Mario, Zelda & Smash Bros. games. We all have our favorites. :)

I do have a question, what is Rocket Moms? I'm new to Squidoo, and just tonight I've started seeing a lot about Rocket Moms. Can anyone join? What's the purpose of it? I just wanted to get some information and since I see Rocket Moms on your page, thought I would ask. Thanks.

UKGhostwriter profile image

UKGhostwriter 3 years ago

How come I missed out on WII when I was a kid??

betta addict profile image

betta addict 3 years ago

Me and my nephew play Super Mario! LOL!

cinstress profile image

cinstress 3 years ago

Mario Kart is a blast

dodgerz profile image

dodgerz 3 years ago

I go for Cars! My son's favorite.

dodgerz profile image

dodgerz 3 years ago

I go for Cars! My son's favorite.

akumar46 lm profile image

akumar46 lm 3 years ago

Great Wii gaming lens.Thanks.

karitina 3 years ago

Enjoy play the wii games with my son

Webcodes LM profile image

Webcodes LM 3 years ago

I enjoy playing some of these games along with my kid. It's amazing how the technology has improved.. I still miss my commodore 64.

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